E4 Staff

E4 Staff
  • E4 Slither

    John Gyllhamn - Videographer

    Hi, my name is John and I'm the vieographer at Eye 4 Esports. I've been freelancing as a photographer and filmmaker for close to two years. My main focus is creating content for bands and artists around the world, but my projects vary. The involvement I've had with Esports in the past is competing in Gears of War, once under E4. The events I went to I created content such as Vlogs and photos. I transitioned into Esports videography once I stopped playing Gears of War competitively."...Read More

  • E4 Gingee

    Luke Thornhill

    I’ve been involved in esports since the age of 14. That's playing competitive Call of duty and then I decided to go into management when I was 16 and helping a friend run his organisation and from there I have never looked back...Read More