E4 Call of Duty

E4 Call of Duty
  • E4 LewTee

    Lewis Todd - Captain

    My name is Lewis "LewTee" Todd and I am 20 years of age. I originally started competing during Advanced Warfare and have played at multiple events in the past three years....Read More

  • E4 HaZee

    Andrew Hayes

    My name is Andrew Hayes, I'm a 20 year old student from Manchester. I started competing during Black Ops 3, previously I’d only played a few GBs and watched tournaments but by the end of BO3 I had gained some recognition for my online performances which led to me attending my first event and taking COD more seriously. I competed throughout the IW season with good performances at ESWC and i60 but fell short at the last hurdle at Gfinity. I'm excited for WW2 with this roster as we are dedicated to improving throughout the season and hopefully qualify for The Call of Duty Championships at the end of the year....Read More

  • E4 Cammy

    Cameron Mckilligan

    Hi my name is Cameron "Cammy" McKilligan. I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland. I got into competitive Call of Duty from watching NA pros back in ghosts and started playing GBs from there. I came about into Black Ops 3 when I started to learn a bit more about the scene and started to enter tournaments. One thing I'm personally looking forward to this year is proving people wrong, for the past 2 years I've been considered an online player as I have never attended a LAN event. I'm excited to get playing with these boys throughout the year as I've played with them in past and I know that their individual skill and vibes will give us a good year to come. My goal for the team would 100% be to get us to Champs, I feel like we are all capable skill wise if we just put the time in as a team we should get there in the end....Read More

  • E4 Ryzen

    Ryan Miller

    My name is Ryan “Ryzen” Miller. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. How I got into competitve Call Of Duty was by watching Nadeshot and some other big YouTubers in Black ops 2. I played a few Gamebattles here and there but I never started to play Competitively until Black ops 3. This is where I really started to play wagers, and online tournaments. I am excited to go forward into WW2 with this roster as I believe we will be a great team as we have all played with each other in the past. What I hope to achieve in the new Call Of Duty is to be able to prove as many people as possible wrong and get some strong finishes at the upcoming LAN events....Read More