Kieron E4 Breaker Oakley - Captain

My name is Kieron Oakley, I'm 18 years old and My gamertag is Breaker and I'm the team captain of the E4 Gow team. I've been playing Gears of War since the start of Gow1 but started competitive on Gow3 and that's where it all kicked off for me. I've been with Demonic and Precision for a year or two now and have achieved great things together. the addition of Brutalize was a big part to our current success as he's the perfect 4th to our roster. With him in the team we've placed 1st 4 times (one of the times was the first ESL EU tournament for gow), 2nd twice and 3rd twice in the doesplay Pro series and ESL. We are currently looking to win more tournaments under this org and give them a great name in the Gears of war Community and can't wait to represent there name in everything competitive on gow.

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