Don’t do What You Love - Twist Inside

  • Mon 23rd Mar 2020 - 2:01pm
    It has been said time and time again by successful people that Hypnosis Bootcamp reviews you should always look for your passion and do what you love. While this is certain true to a certain extent, it is not always good to do what you love. People might beg to differ with this statement but some perspective of this might help get the mist out of the way. See, once you have identified what you love and have started working on it, things change completely. You will have the first few days working well for you and you will be super excited but soon enough you will come to loose interest. Things are not always as interesting as you start out and lots of experiences as you work on your passion change your daily inspiration. See, what you have in mind when you get started doesn't always turn out to work that way. And the same energy you start with does not keep going for you throughout your period of your working on the passion. There are times you will just be sick of the grind and not feeling like waking up and go to work. These are the days where the saying "don't do what you love" applies. When you do something you love, it means you are only active when you are feeling energetic and full of life. And on those days you are not feeling the same, you just sleep it off and wait for the energy to come back. If you are going to live that kind of life, you are not going to make much progress. You'll keep lagging behind and the people you are up against will overpower you. The secret to succeeding is to work hard, outwork those you are competing with and do what they are not willing to do. That will give you full domination and a better edge. This means working when you don’t feel like it and doing what you need to do even when you are happy about it.

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