How Much Does Truth Really Hurt?

  • Mon 23rd Mar 2020 - 11:21am
    Most people say the truth hurts mostly to connect it Nlp hero reviews with someone who doesn't want to hear the truth and wants to live in a certain deception or illusion that is only weighing them. But in the grand scheme of things, truth, the general truths of life, really sting when you get to understand them at a deeper level. That is why most of these truths are usually hidden so that only a few people who have the strength to take them and work with them no matter how hurting they are to go ahead and do it. If you take a look at what the sages have said about different areas of life, you can start getting some perspective as to what people and life are about. For instance, think about the idea of loyalty. It is said that only a handful of people are loyal. And in your life, only counted people are loyal. And the part where it hurts the most is that you don't really know who is loyal and who is not by merely looking at them. It takes lots of hurtful experiences to realize who has been your friend and who has not, all along. Also, the truth of suffering in life goes along well with this. Think about when you are at your lowest. When you were broke, sick, divorced or going through some pain in your life. How many people were there to keep you strong, to encourage you and help where they could to get you back up? You will agree that it is only a number of people showed up, if any. That is the reality of life and without the good grasp of it, you can live a life full of deception and fake friends who will only drain you dry. That is why you need to acquaint yourself with what is true so that you avoid the endless string of disappointments when the truth finally hits you.
  • Thu 26th Mar 2020 - 3:26am
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  • Thu 26th Mar 2020 - 3:27am
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