Rehabilitation of MHMR Patients of Low Income

  • Mon 7th Jan 2019 - 9:29am
    Too often we focus on the pathology of people's Memory Hack Review response to traumatic events rather than focusing on how they can access their natural resources. The major natural resource for any human being is a well-managed brain. For some reason neither the medical establishment, the psychological or psychiatric community nor the educational system in this country thinks it is important to teach people how their own brain works. They would rather douse all our mind problems with medicine. We are not born with the knowledge of how our brain works, and without it how can we make the best use of this very enabling (or, if not managed properly, this very dis-enabling )faculty? We realize we have to get training before we drive a car, otherwise we would be helpless passengers to a run-away machine. But we do not seek training in how to use our brain, and so we become captives to this ruan-away bio-electrical machine. And the brain is the most complex and powerful piece of machinery on the face of the earth. Do you know the process by which you get from one thought to the other? Unless you do you will be the servant of your mind rather than its master. And you will go helplessly into places where the brain decides to drag you, rather getting your brain to help you go where you want to go--into productive and rational thinking and behavior. Doctors teach you how to regain proper use of your arms and legs, or speech, following a stroke or physical trauma. But following a depressive episode, they somehow feel no obligation to teach you how to regain proper use of your brain. Maybe they don't know enough about how the brain actually works, the process of pain perception, learned association and the role of neuro-transmitters, the fact that all depression is produced in the subcortex and there is never any depression in the neocortex, and the reality that you can learn to move from focusing your attention on the agitated subcortex to beefing up the neural activity in the neocortex in order to regain the proper use of the neocortex and your normal rational faculties.
  • Mon 7th Jan 2019 - 9:29am
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