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Tue 16th Jan 2018 - 5:29pm General

Where did the name Mush originate from?

I work in construction and the most used name on site is 'Mush' It wasn't meant to be a serious tag at first.

What Gaming Equipment do you use?

MSI Gaming Laptop, Elite Controller, Astro A40s, Mix Amp, BenQ Monitor.

Previous organisations you have represented?

Impulse Gaming, Team Descend, Rift, Radix, E4.

Favourite food?

Get a Lasagna in me now.

Favourite ever Team mate?

Ross (E4 Warrior) unfortunately, still very confused on how he's so underrated.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that your fans might not know?

I am a Chippy by trade 'AND NO, I DON'T WORK IN A CHIP SHOP'.

If you could have one personal sponsor with any Company, who would it be?

KFC, chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner.

What has been your favourite event and why?

Paris, First event with my original boys, finished Top 13 when everyone expected us to not win a map.

How did you become involved with competing on a regional level?

I never expected this to begin with, then i started to play with people who have been to Lan and they got me into it.

What would you change about the current competitive format?

The same as what every single competitive player says, another game mode. I personally think even dodgeball would actually work, would be far more fast paced than Execution.

How do you mentally prepare before matches?

A couple of Songs, team hype and some water.

How would you describe your play-style and role within the team?

Power weapon player, Slayer/Support.

What is it like representing E4?

E4 is by far the most supportive organisation i've ever been in, closely followed by TD. It's nice to actually feel wanted rather than they are just doing us a favour. Any problems they are instantly on support. I'm not just saying this because I have to :D

What has been your greatest achievement in your Gears of War career?

It makes sense to say finishing 4th at Nottingham but it was when we placed Top 5 in London because every top team in Europe was there.

What has been your toughest challenge in your Gears of War career?

My toughest challenge was beating Supremacy (2nd seed in Europe) in a 2k to reach the semis after loosing to them every week.

What are you thoughts on the upcoming event in Mexico City?

First event for me outside of Europe, we are very excited to put our names out there and prove we can bang with the best. Top 4 seed.

Any final words?

Thank you for the support

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