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Wed 10th Jan 2018 - 5:16pm General

Where did the name Breaker originate from?

I was playing a fighting game like mortal kombat or soul caliber & I remember it saying "combo breaker" & I thought the name breaker would look good in a gamertag. So I changed mine from Predator to Breaker & I've had it for almost 6 years now.

What Gaming Equipment do you use?

I use a default controller as I don't use paddles due to playing reverse claw. As for headsets I switch between my Astro A40's & my limited edition Gears of war hyperX headset.

Previous organisations you have represented?

Altogether I have represented Betamaxx, tempo, Vivify, E4, excel, Kingdom, NSG, Radix & now I'm back under E4.

Favourite food?

This is a hard one. I'd probably say My favourite food is steak. Done medium rare. But anything from KFC is a close second.

Favourite ever Team mate?

I'd say Kaleb (Demonic). I've been competing with him for almost 4-5 years now & he's one of my best mates in real life as well so yeah I'd say Kaleb.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that your fans might not know?

This is a bit of a weird one but when I was younger, I could move my feet perfectly to face backwards so my feet were behind me since I was born with twisted tibias. They grew normally when I got to about 7.

If you could have one personal sponsor with any Company, who would it be?

Bugatti 100%. I'd let them send me free cars & sell them for millions. Be sorted for life. Keep one for myself too.

What has been your favourite event and why?

I have so many favourite events as the majority of them have been great but I'd say I have a two way split to be honest. The main one for enjoying myself has to be my first event at Blackpool when I represented E4. Meeting so many people that I've talked to for years was great & I had so much fun that event. The other one was the Nottingham event which was on after Season 1 has finished on Gears 4. Playing wise that event was so good for me & my team. We should've had 3rd place but we choked but The game against Barrage made it for me. It had to be the best game I've been apart of on lan. 7-6, 7-6 both maps & the way the game went was crazy. When we clutched up & won both maps we went crazy & it was such a good feeling. Placing in the money on LAN for the first time & the way that game played out made that event for me.

How did you become involved with competing on a regional level?

I got into it at the very start of Gears of war 3. I used to be a public player with phelpsy years before competing & he said to me that there's a website called gamebattles & that we could play doubles together on it & I said sure. I made my breaker account & started playing with him on that for a while. When he got picked up by a team I decided to look for myself as well & get into the proper competition. Starting with superior standard & then I got into eBoss which was my first major team which I played with for over 3 years. Once I joined that team I got addicted to playing gears & I haven't stopped competing since then.

What would you change about the current competitive format?

The game modes for me. I love escalation but the game would be so much more enjoyable if there was more than one game mode to compete in. Gears UE was probably one of the most boring games to play because it was execution only & all it was, was a camp fest. Escalation forces you to make plays & the game mode is amazing to be honest but having multiple game modes for me would make the game better & the competition closer as well.

How do you mentally prepare before matches?

Online I don't really. I just make sure I'm really focused & I've warmed up well before the games & picked the right bans & picks against the team were playing. With lan I make sure I come to the event fully happy & in a good mood by blasting music the majority of the time & I make sure I ain't drained & that I'm full of energy so I can lead to the best of my abilities & make sure I'm fully focused. I do this by making sure I've had some energy drinks & some nice food before playing & fully think about who I'm playing against & what certain stuff Is better to do against them. Like weapon placements & Playstyle etc.

How would you describe your play-style and role within the team?

I'd say play style wise I tend to place my shots rather than get loose all the time like half of the players on gears 4. I'd rather win a fight through smarts than gun skill. In terms of my overall play-style I can do almost everything you need me to. I can be the main slayer. The power weapon player or your home hill player. I can do anything that's needed of me in the game. So I guess playstyle wise I'm just very well balanced & I fill in the gaps needed for my team. My role in the team is a IGL (in-game leader), I lead the team with the best of my abilities & make sure our rotations are going well & making sure we're always on the same page & playing for the same thing.

What is it like representing E4 and why did you choose to return?

Representing E4 is amazing. The org fully supports us in everything we do & the staff makes sure to keep a good bond with their players which most orgs don't do & it's honestly one of the main reasons why I returned. We've had loads of orgs who have promised the world to us & treated us badly but E4 have always been straight up & treated us like family & honestly it's why E4 has been my favourite org & that's why when we was looking for orgs to represent, E4 was the first one I contacted. 

What has been your greatest achievement in your Gears of War career?

Online it would have to be the doesplay finals on gears UE when we beat infused twice 3-2 in the semi final & loser bracket final to get 2nd in that major online tournament. The way we played was amazing & the fact we won last map 4-3 each time was amazing. On LAN it would have to be the latest London event for me. The event had a lot of hard competition. We competed against loads of top teams there & went toe for toe. We Went close with cryptik & we took a map of eRa 7-1 (which isn't easy at all) & the way we won that map was crazy. We managed to place top 5-6th which we expected minimum but a lot of people doubted us & said we wouldn't even make top 8. The fact that we proved so many wrong was great. Placement wise though my best achievement is probably Nottingham since it was my highest placement at a LAN event (4th).

What has been your toughest challenge in your Gears of War career?

I have two answers to this one. In game wise it was probably the comeback in the ESL finals against the very first excel team. We was 2-0 down & had to come back 3 maps in a row to win the tournament & we managed to do it. It was a solid game to keep that composure, keep our heads up & do the reverse sweep to be the ESL champs of that tournament. The second one has been actually building the right team for long term on this game. The reason for that is because in Europe people team hop a lot & people give up too easy in Europe & teams split when it gets tough & it's rare to see stable teams. So managing to build my own team with players that are good. Trust worthy & in it for the long run was hard but now I've finally got that I can't wait to see how well we do in the long run & to see how much success we get in the months to come.

What are you thoughts on the upcoming event in Mexico City?

I'm honestly very excited for this event. I can't wait to compete at my first event that's outside of Europe & to see what the competition is like over there. I can't wait to see the Mexican fans who love gears with all their heart & see why Mexico holds the best events. We think we can do very well & place high enough that we would secure 4th seed when coming back home & we're hoping to do Europe proud.

Any final words?

I would like to say thank you to everyone in E4 for giving us this opportunity to represent them in Mexico. Without them I doubt we would be going. We hope we can do them proud & Europe proud in Mexico. Also a shout out to my family for always supporting me competing in gears & a shoutout to my teammates. Hopefully we do our best in Mexico & make everyone Proud.

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