E4 CoD Complete Roster.

Wed 23rd Sep 2015 - 1:49am Gaming

With the departure of E4 Golly and Gulit we went on the hunt for 2 new fresh players to complete the roster. After searching long and hard we found the two correct players. A big E4 welcome to Fortune and Denz two players who have been previously sucsessful and we hope that they can duplicate this sucsess with the E4 brand, the roster will debut at EGL and we are very excited to see a fantastic performance from all four players.

With this being said the complete roster is:

Lewis 'Lewtee' Todd - Captain

Joshua 'Motions' Jordan

Lewis 'Fortune' Hunt

Bjarne 'Denz' Sleebus


E4 Admin

E4 Admin

E4 Admin

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